Friday, 10 May 2013

Naturopathy Diet Recipes For Better Result

1) Baked Potatoes: They are better than the boiled potatoes. Apply a mudpack before baking them over coal amber in a tandoor / barbeque and eat them without removing the skin. In urban areas, they can be baked in an oven / microwave.

2) Ragi roti (Madua / Nachni roti): Ragi is a good minerals and fiber supplement. Rotis are prepared from Ragi flour. Another version is to prepare roti by mixing Bajra / Jowar flour with it.

3) Ragi (Madua / Nachni) milk: Take a bowl of Ragi seeds (Nachni) and soak for 12 hours. Then grind the sprouted Ragi by adding water as required in a mixer. Strain it using a cloth. It is good for diabetes patients.

4) Khichidi: Mix 2/3rd part Brown rice and 1/3rd part of sprouted Green Mug + 4 times the quantity water + Garnishing of Turmeric, salt, grinded Groundnuts, Coriander, Jeera, Garlic, Ginger, etc. Add previously cut vegetables such as Bottle gourd, Cucumber, Carrot, Green Peas, etc. Mix and steam cook in a cooker.

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